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The new trailer tells me that FFXV is the story of Noctis being babysitted by his hot friends. I love it.


So can we talk about the amount of puns that are in digimon?

imageI mean…

imageWhat were the writers thinking?


imageWere they trying to take themselves seriously?



imageThis is all ONE EPISODE

imageNot even all of them in this episode!




brownpuffball asked
My ovaries are gonna explode when the new Digimon series is out that's for sure. I want all of the Digidestined to show up though, not just Taichi (though I suspect I'll fall in love with him all over again) but there is so little news....





There’s a big chance that everyone might show up! I think Toei Animation made a statement that the other digidestined will be explored too (well at least, those who should be in high school), I hope it’s true because I really love the 01 and 02 cast. I’m waiting to fall all over again for the chars… especially Taichi and Ken( if they’re gonna include the 02 cast )

It’s fine~ Well, I hope so because I just want to see a hint of how they became the people they were in the epilogue. I don’t hate the epilogue with a flaming passion like most of the fandom but I am curious. Mostly I just want more of them…..

I won’t deny that I was disappointed at the epilogue especially since a lot of them seemed to just randomly change a lot due to the large time gap between that and after they defeated MaloMyotismon… But yeah! Glad to see that they’re gonna show more of the time in between that fight and the epilogue! Though I really hope that just because they are in high school now that they don’t pull in (too much) romance subplots because the thing I truly love about Digimon is the friendship… I would like to see more Digimon-Digimmon interaction tho! Those moments when the babies just eat and sleep together all huddled up in a corner ahhhh

Well it is 25 years! So many changes can occur in that period of time. I still don’t understand a lot of their career choices (Miyako as a housewife? Really??) but I’m willing to see how they build up to that. 

UGH, keep the romance down! The fandom still gets ridiculously fired up over ships and I’m not willing to sit through another round of character bashing. The friendships really were the best, weren’t they? It was really nice to watch this group of children coming together to survive and working through their differences (I may or may not have rewatched both series a couple of times). 

Hehe //whispers I have rewatched the series multiple times as well. Yeah, I really hope they leave as much romance out of this as possible (oh gosh the Taiora and Sorato fiasco wow, tbh I shipped close to nothing in 01 so when the movies threw the ships at me I was “??????” most of the time). I never really took that epilogue too seriously, 25 years is a bit too far in between for such a massive change to be believable. In fact, the only ones that I felt I understood were Taichi, Daisuke and Hikari’s? ‘cause they all fit their characters and the dreams they said they wanted, the rest just sort of… eh? What? There’s also the part where Daisuke’s son, and not Taichi’s own, wearing Tai’s goggles and I remembered a lot just went “the heck?” at that.  And oh gosh when they showed those two couples in the epilogue haha! Their kids were all cute tho.

I honestly just really want to see more tomodachi development, like I never fully understood how Takeru and Iori managed to jogress? When I finished 02 the other day, Daisuke and Ken weren’t on first name basis yet but in Xros Wars, they were? How did that happen? Maybe some more Tai and Hikari interactions because oh gosh was Taichi a great brother. Mimi was quickly sidelined a lot after 01 so I actually have big hopes that she might do more soon!