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"all ereri shippers are pedoph-"


"if you ship ereri you support rape-"


"can we just get rid of the snk fandom-"


"the entire snk fandom is awful because-"


Anonymous asked
i'm very very sorry for posting the ereri art!! i need to get better at seeing if artists have a tumblr, i've since deleted the post. i'm so sorry because it's already gotten notes. your work is beautiful <3

Omg you didn’t have to aha! I’m perfectly fine with tumblr re-posting it because I don’t think I’ll post those here myself(credits though?). And also thank you very much for the compliment <3 o//o

swiggityswerenrivailleloveseren asked
Hello there ! I saw your pixiv profile and I love your art I was wondering if your uploaded the ereri drawings bc I really wanna reblog them though I could not find them-- (sorry) I hope you draw more haha ;w; /

Ahhh o//o thank you for your interest in my art! I didn’t post those on my tumblr, sorry (but I think someone re-posted it on tumblr in the tag?);v; Thank you again for the compliment and the follow uwaaahh (I don’t know if I deserve it ;;;;;)